Ronald Scott, PE
Professional Property Inspections


The process of buying a home is often very exciting. The home you have selected may appear to be "perfect" in every way, and exactly what you were looking for, but how can you be sure that there are no serious defects or hazardous conditions which could make your investment a costly mistake (a "money pit")? Having your home inspected by an experienced professional could save you thousands of dollars.

My company specializes in the evaluation of residential structures, and is dedicated to providing you with the valuable information you need, to make an informed purchase decision. The foundation and all structural components, roof framing and covering, heating and air conditioning components, appliances, and all electrical and plumbing components are fully evaluated and/or tested. The state of Texas (and ASHI) has specific standards which must be met, for each inspection preformed; see "FAQ and Resources" at above toolbar for the TREC website ("Texas Standards of Practice") , for details regarding the scope of an inspection. Keep in mind that these standards are the minimum requirements only --- my inspection service significantly exceeds these standards.

My mission and objective is to provide my Clients with the information necessary to make an informed purchase decision --- - this philosophy has worked extremely well since 1987, and I am passionate about it. As an engineer, I will attempt to "quantify" as much as possible in the inspection process, in addition to the "qualitative" method of reporting visible observations. After the inspection, I want to maintain a long-term relationship ---- I will always be available to answer maintenance or repair questions about your home in the future. Since 1987, I have performed approximately 14,000 property evaluations in the Houston area, including Harris, Montgomery and Fort Bend counties.

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) regulates inspectors. If you have questions concerning consumer protection issues, see the “Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice” (Form CN 1-2), at the TREC website:
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